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Friday, March 25, 2011

Kill the Headlights is an Inland Empire band based out of the Redlands, CA area. The band was started in late 2010 by members -

David Garcia who plays guitar,

Jose Corrales who sings,

James Nunley who plays bass and myself,

Derek Odom, who does my best to keep up with the drumming duties.

Kill the Headlights actually has its own Facebook page here:

and a MySpace page where you can actually listen to samples of our music here:

The band is quickly becoming a local success and gathering a lot of fans. Jump on board!

How do we sound?

Well, it’s like this: We have all been in different kinds of bands before and really wanted to form something we all liked and all really wanted to do. The end result is something like a Disturbed/Rage Against the Machine/Tool/Sublime mix, and we think it sounds pretty good. We already have a promoter and have played regular gigs at both Liam’s Irish Pub in Colton, CA, and The Marquis Lounge in San Bernardino. In fact, we were throwing down so many shows that we weren’t writing any new music, so we’ve taken a couple weeks off to get new tunes for you guys and gals to listen to.

What are our plans?

At this moment, our plans are to write more songs, gig here and there and return to the studio to record a full-blown album of original music. We all get along great and the writing flows naturally between us, so all we need is the time to create the songs. Rest assured, we are working hard on new material. Like any realistic local band, we have no plans on becoming rich and famous but we sure do like to play shows.

What is the purpose of this blog?

We’ll update this blog each time something noteworthy happens, such as a new song or show. Some of the show nights can get pretty interesting, so the reading is almost guaranteed not to be boring. Sure, we’ll kiss a little ass but that goes with the territory. In the end, this band is about the music, not the politics, which will be painfully evident with each new entry. Maybe I’ll even learn how to integrate pictures one of these days. Hey, just because my first computer was a Commodore 64 doesn’t mean I be smartz.

I hope you enjoy the reads and subscribe to keep up-to-date on what Kill the Headlights is doing. See you around the corner!

The Promoters / Booking crew:


Bob at Silverstar Entertainment:

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